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St George’s Renal patients benefit from a brand new piece of equipment

19th February 2019

Mrs Jayshri Modi, a supporter of St George’s Hospital Charity, has recently funded a Reverse Osmosis Machine, worth £6,500, in memory of her late husband. This piece of equipment was urgently needed to help treat dialysis patients at St George’s Hospital.

A Reverse Osmosis Machine is a state of the art water purifier, which filters and purifies the water before it feeds into the connected haemodialysis (kidney dialysis) machine. It is an essential piece of equipment that is vital to the dialysis process, as water is not clean enough to be used in the machines without extensive purification. This water is then used during the haemodialysis process for patients in renal failure. The new Reverse Osmosis Machine that Mrs Modi has funded will enable more patients to be treated at any one time, increasing the numbers of patients who can be seen in any one day and reducing the waiting time for others. Over 320 patients receive haemodialysis treatment each year at St George’s, who will all be assisted by an additional Reverse Osmosis Unit.

Each of the dialysis machines at St George’s Hospital requires a Reverse Osmosis Machine in order to work effectively - so the more machines we have, the more patients we’re able to treat.

Mrs Modi visited St George’s Hospital with her brother and sister-in-law, Mr and Mrs Mehta, to see the impact her donation has made in memory of her late husband. Mrs Modi said: “I was inspired to support the renal department by my cousin, who is currently awaiting a kidney transplant. Funding the purchase of this important piece of equipment allows more people to receive treatment and makes their lives that little bit easier. To give happiness to others is a great act of charity.”

Peter Rann, Senior Renal Technician, said “We are very grateful to Mrs Modi for her generous support. Haemodialysis is a life-saving treatment for renal patients and would not happen without the Reverse Osmosis Machine. Mrs Modi’s donation allows us to treat more patients per day across south west London and beyond.”

The impact of St George’s Hospital Charity wouldn’t be possible without the support of the donors, grants, foundations and individual fundraisers who all assist us in our work. We cannot thank Mrs Modi enough for her generous donation.


If you too would like to support St George’s Hospital Charity, you can contact us at giving@stgeorges.nhs.uk or call 020 8725 4522.

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