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London Marathon 2019: Katie Wright

1st April 2019

‘I know my friends and her family appreciated the extra mile the specialist staff went to make them feel calm and safe.’

One of our fantastic fundraisers taking part in the London Marathon this year is Katie, who is fundraising for St George’s Hospital Nicholls Ward, where one of her daughters best friends was treated for a major operation and who she feels received fantastic care.

Married with two children age 11 and 9, Katie is a keen runner - jogging, sprinting and generally dashing everywhere after her kids, on the way to school and just for fun!

Thankfully, Leila the lovely little girl who has been treated at St George’s is on her way to recovery, but the help of the play therapists and their equipment was crucial to making her pre-op and post-op care a less daunting and calmer experience.

This is what Leila's mum Sarah said about the ward;

"No parent wants their child to have to undergo major surgery.  Having to put our own worries and concerns to one side to make sure we were supporting Leila as much as we could was instantly made so much better once we were on the ward; play therapists showed her photos of the anaesthetic room, how she would go to sleep, where she would wake up as well as coming down to theatre letting Leila play on an iPad was something we will never forget.  The facilities to let parents stay with their children were great and allowed you to spend all the time with your child.  We'll never be able to thank all of the staff enough." 

When Katie received her London Marathon place, she decided it was a great opportunity to raise money for a charity she knew had helped her friends. Nicholls Ward at St George’s Hospital is the surgical and neuroscience paediatrics ward. Children are looked after by a team of nurses, therapists and doctors who are highly experienced in caring for paediatric patients. Raising funds for this ward allows us to make the ward more pleasant, provide additional staff training and excellent patient care as well as equipment and extra items for the children.

If you would like to support Katie, please go to her Just Giving page below!
Good luck Katie!


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