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Brighton Marathon 2019 - Nansi Eggleton

15th April 2019

”I am not local to St George’s, but I have always known it as an amazing hospital because my uncle has been in there many times over the years with heart problems, and they have always worked miracles on him.”


Yesterday Nansi Eggleton completed the 26.2 miles of Brighton Marathon to support St George’s Hospital Charity. While not local herself, Nansi has been a regular visitor of the hospital throughout her life


Over the years Nansi has watched her uncle go in and out of hospital due to his heart. As a child she was fascinated by the fact that he had part of a pig in his heart.  This was eventually changed to a synthetic valve in his second surgery, then back to pig’s valve in his third, until he had a pacemaker fitted in his fourth and hopefully final surgery.  


Last year Nansi’s mother also found herself in hospital. After living an incredibly healthy life she was diagnosed with a leaky valve, and found herself in the same ward she had visited her brother in so many times It was a horrible shock for the whole family, and while a scary time, there was a comfort in knowing how well her Uncle has been cared for over the years by the staff at St George’s.  Just like in her Uncle’s treatment the entire team at St George’s Hospital  all ‘worked wonders’ and Nansi’s mum was soon home and back to her normal self in no time.


Nansi ran the Brighton Marathon “To say thank you to all the amazing staff there for all they have done for my family over the years”.


In doing so she has raised a massive £1403.21! However, the race wasn’t all plain sailing… At mile 16 Nansi’s knee started to hurt, and by mile 18 it was becoming unbearable – but a quick pep talk and an ice pack and she was on her way! The last few miles she encountered freezing wind blasting into her face; and intense cold with her slowing pace, even with a foil blanket wrapped around herself.  However, Nansi persevered and completed the race despite all the challenges she faced.


We cannot thank Nansi enough for her incredible fundraising! The money she has raised will help the charity reach the most urgent needs of St George’s Cardiac Department.

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