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Giggle Doctors at St George's Hospital

22nd May 2019

The Giggle Doctors are professionally trained performers who have been visiting children at St George’s Hospital every fortnight for 24 years. By combining music, play and storytelling, Giggle Doctors improve wellbeing and bring fun, laughter and magical moments to children facing huge challenges with their health.

In January, St George’s Hospital Charity were thrilled to be able to donate over £3,000 towards keeping the Giggle Doctors bringing laughter and joy to our wards.

As a child, being in hospital can mean you’re unable to attend school and are separated from friends and family, in some cases for long periods of time. It can be distressing and difficult to understand why you are undergoing uncomfortable procedures, surrounded by scary-looking equipment, loud sounds and strange smells. This is where the Giggle Doctors make an immense impact. During their visit, the Giggle Doctors reduce children’s distress and anxiety, increase opportunities for child-led play, and improve kid’s overall wellbeing. As a bonus, seeing their child laughing and having fun can really help reduce stress and anxiety for the parents as well.

One child’s Grandparent said “My grandson laughed so much during his visit from the Giggle Doctors that the fluid in his lungs after heart surgery came out at a rapid rate! I’m sure the visit from the Giggle Doctors helped speed up his recovery. Thank you.”

The Giggle Doctors not only offer relief on the day of procedures, but also going forward to future appointments and follow-up consultations.

A St George’s Hospital Play Specialist said “You only have to look around the wards when the Giggle Doctors are here to see how much the children enjoy the visits. There are lots of happy, smiling children, which is what you want to see when a child is in hospital. The Giggle Doctors are the perfect prescription for sick children.”

We often see that a more positive experience in hospital significantly aids recovery and rehabilitatin for patients. This programme is extremely important for sick kids, and St George’s Hospital Charity is honoured to help make sure it continues on our wards.


To make a donation and support this vital work, please visit: https://www.stgeorgeshospitalcharity.org.uk/donate/intro






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