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Improving the Prayer Facilities in the Hospital

3rd June 2019

As we reflect and celebrate the closing of the holy month of Ramadan, St George’s Hospital Charity are asking our supporters to contribute to the improving of the prayer facilities in the hospital.

We want our patients, staff and hospital visitors to be able to practice their faith in a safe and dignified way, ensuring the multi-cultural community the hospital is in is represented and protected throughout the hospital.

We want to encourage our supporters to raise funds for a ‘Wudumate’ or washing facility that is required as part of the prayer ritual of Wudu, the first essential step of Salah.

With your help and support, we can raise these funds and more to enhance the wellbeing of those within the hospital, and make meaningful prayer accessible to all those who practice their faith in the hospital.

We would welcome your support, and every donation helps us to reach the goal of enhancing the experience of all patients who visit our Trust.







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