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St George's Hospital Charity keeping staff safe while delivering patient care

4th July 2019

St George’s Hospital Charity has helped upgrade the security system in St George's Emergency Department (ED).

Due to the nature of the ED, delivering patient care can be unpredictable at times, as staff attend to people who are distressed, or treat patients who may be a risk to themselves and others. The department is large and diverse, so it’s is essential that staff have a responsive and effective way of calling for assistance if required.

There was previously an alarm system in place in the department, but we have funded an upgraded Pinpoint system which has more features to help staff feel secure in their work environment.

Once activated, Pinpoint will:

  • Allow staff to call for assistance without leaving patients unattended
  • Alert security directly to allow a faster response
  • Send details of the location of the staff member requiring assistance

Amerjit Chohan, Chief Executive of St George’s Hospital Charity, said: “We are pleased that the charity has been able to assist with putting in place this alarm system for ED staff. We all share the responsibility for encouraging a safe culture in the workplace and the Pinpoint alarm system will help reduce incidents, and supports the Trust’s zero tolerance programme.”

Tori Cooper, Head of Nursing for ED, said: “This upgrade will bring security and peace of mind to staff in the department, and will help us to continue providing high quality care for our patients. We’re very thankful to the charity.”

The new Pinpoint system has now been fitted and will be fully operational in a few weeks.

Staff training on how to use the new system will be available from early July, and all ED staff will be required to attend a session.






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