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Ride London 2019 - Louise Callaghan

5th August 2019

Louise and her partner Craig took part in Prudential Ride-LondonSurrey 46 on Sunday 4 August to say thank for the incredible care Louise received from the staff at St George’s Hospital. While for most people training for a long distance cycling event is a challenge in itself – the journey for Louise has been even more challenging.   

On 8 June 2018, a normal summer’s day, Louise and Craig were out cycling to pick up some supplies for their upcoming cycling holiday in Sri Lanka. Suddenly on the roundabout Louise was hit by a car. The motorist joined the road without fully looking and immediately crashed into Louise at 20-30 mph. This resulted in her receiving 2 pelvic fractures front and back; fractures in her shoulder, elbow, scapula and brain bleeds from a fracture in her skull.

Louise was initially treated in a local A&E, but was moved to St George’s for the treatment of her brain bleeds on Neuro Intensive Care Unit. On arriving she was medically kept in a coma for 4 days and a week later required multiple surgeries; her elbow was completely obliterated and required a metal plate and screws Louise was also wheelchair bound due to her pelvic fractures and unable to put any weight on her legs.

Being incapacitated was particularly difficult for Louise as she is quite an active person - having already completed Ride London 100 twice and the London Duathlon (a cycle and run) 3 times prior to the accident. Her injuries meant that Louise and Craig had to cancel their Sri Lanka trip but also long standing plans throughout the year such as concerts and theatre trips.

Over the past year Louise has gone through continuous physio and further surgeries on her elbow to remove the metal. This has caused significant neuropathic injury to her arm, so she has no nerve action from her ulnar nerve, around her elbow, downwards. Because of this she cannot feel her ring or little finger and has limited muscle strength in her right hand. Louise has also lost range of movement of her arm, making everyday things such as brushing your hair or cleaning your teeth very difficult.

Louise is an inspiring woman – rather than letting these injuries stop her she fights through horrendous nerve pain every day and has been pushing herself for months and months to get to the point where she can cycle again! The money Craig and Louise raise will be going to help Neuro ICU provide a better experience for patients and staff

If you are inspired by Louise’s story you can donate on their fundraising page here: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/CraigMellors

To find out how you can get involved with St George’s Hospital Charity email us on giving@stgeorges.nhs.uk or give us a call on 020 8725 4522.






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