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Mother-of-two challenges herself to run Royal Parks Half Marathon to give back to St George's Maternity Unit

4th October 2019

On 13 October 2019, Nicola Hurley will be running the Royal Parks Half Marathon to raise money for St George’s Hospital Charity. Along with our other runners on #teamgeorges she will be taking on the challenge of running 13.1 miles to raise money for the Maternity Unit at St George’s Hospital, following the birth of her two children at the hospital.

Nicola started running two and a half years ago, at the tender age of 42, while visiting her brother in Australia. It was such a beautiful setting on the coast and she was inspired by all the people up and about early running along the coastal path. Two years on she wanted to set herself a personal challenge, and decided to train for a half marathon.

“I decided to run in aid of St George’s Hospital as this is where both my children were born. I have a lot to thank St George’s for.”

With Nicola’s first baby she had a relatively quick labour, but at delivery her son suffered shoulder dystocia – where the baby’s head is born, but the shoulders become stuck – meaning the baby is no longer receiving oxygen. Before Nicola and her husband knew what was happening, the emergency button had been pressed and our room filled with staff. There after she describes it’s a bit of a blur – but her husband describes it still as the single most frightening thing he’s lived through.

Fortunately, due to the expertise and skill of the antenatal staff, Oliver was successfully delivered, but he required oxygen and suffered a broken collar bone. He was immediately taken to the special care unit to be monitored and put on oxygen. Thankfully Oliver was only in the special care unit a short time and made a speedy recovery from his ordeal on entering the world - but it was “entirely down to the amazing staff and their quick reactions that gave us our happy ending."

In the lead up to the birth of her second child, Nicola was understandably apprehensive and worried. She says “The midwives and consultants at St George’s were once again outstanding in their care, and it was due to their support and encouragement that I felt able to opt for a natural birth. It was exactly the right choice. My daughter, Matilda, was born naturally in what was a pretty straightforward delivery, but again supported by incredible midwives.”

“I feel incredibly proud to be running in aid of St George’s Hospital, and am delighted to be able to give something back in gratitude for all they have done for us, and so many families we know.”

Since starting fundraising Nicola has been overwhelmed by the support she has received, and hearing from others about how St George’s has helped them. She will be thinking of her family and all that St George’s has given her, which will help keep her legs moving over the 13 miles.

To support Nicola's fundraising please visit her online giving page.






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