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Help POD continue to bring magic to St George’s!

25th October 2019

POD is a children’s charity that has a mission to bring fun, magic and laughter to children’s wards across the UK so sick kids don’t miss out on the essential experiences of childhood. St George’s Hospital Charity are thrilled to have funded POD entertainers for 12 monthly shows last year and would love to be able to fund more of their amazing work.

When POD was set up in 1977, hospitals were mostly focused on healing the physical concerns of children and focused less on the emotional needs that they also brought along with them. But now we know that happy children get better quicker and POD Children’s Charity therefore set about changing this norm in hospitals by providing entertainment and stimulus to children’s wards.

POD entertainers have been visiting children at St George’s since 1991. At first they provided one session a month but this was subsequently increased to two sessions a month and expanded to children’s outpatients upon seeing the difference they made. The sessions last for about 40 minutes and consist of a mini show in a playroom, ward, clinic or at the bedside by various entertainers, from magicians to puppeteers. They work to make hospital experiences more pleasant for thousands of children and alleviate trauma – and the results are incredible!

St George’s Hospital Charity is committed to funding this and other children’s services that improve the experience for our youngest patients at what can be a difficult and scary time. We really want to ensure that this amazing service can continue to be provided for bored and anxious children and their families. £50 will fund one Pod Children’s Charity show- £600 will fund 12 monthly shows. If you’d like to support POD Children’s Charity at St George’s then donate here today.






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