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Thanking our Hong Kong donors for their donation!

13th May 2020

In late March 2020, The Umbrella Union launched an online fundraising campaign “We Connect”, calling for Hong Kongers in the UK and all those who have Hong Kong-UK connections to support frontline healthcare staff at the NHS during the challenging times of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

With an initial target to raise a total of £10,000, the fundraising campaign received an overwhelmingly positive response. Within 24 hours of the launch, the target amount was reached. After a week, the total amount of donations quadrupled its initial target from almost 900 individual and group donors, who have also left several dozens of heart-warming messages in support of the frontline healthcare professionals.

At St George’s Hospital we are delighted to announce that half of the funds raised, totalling £22,776.30, have been put towards our St George’s Covid-19 Appeal which was carefully selected by the team. The Umbrella Union also prepared thank-you cards, attaching messages of support from Hong Kongers to the NHS staff.

Amerjit Chohan, CEO of St. George’s Hospital Charity said "St. George's Hospital Charity would very much like to thank the Hong Kong community for their generous donations and warm messages of thanks and appreciation for our amazing NHS staff who are working tirelessly during this crisis.  We will ensure that the funds go towards vital projects, support all our hospital staff and our most vulnerable patients."






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