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Shouting out the amazing children that have fundraised for St George's during the pandemic

13th May 2020

We are always grateful to the amazing fundraisers that support St George’s Trust, but we have a special amount of admiration for all the children that also want to support the hospital. Recently, we have had so many incredible children take part in a variety of fundraisers to get involved with our Coronavirus Appeal, and this National Children’s Day we wanted to tell you a bit more about them.

First up we have an amazing group of cousins, consisting of Alex (11), Emily (10), Ollie (9), Jessica (8), Rosie (6), and William (2), who carried out a range of challenges to say thank you to the staff at St George’s. They chose to fundraise for St George’s as their great uncle was treated in the ICU for Covid-19, where he received excellent care, so they wanted to support him and all the people looking after him. They also heard how hard it has been working in the NHS recently due to their aunt being a consultant at the PICU in another London hospital. They said, "We were thinking about taking on a challenge during lockdown just for fun, but we thought we would try and make it positive by raising money at the same time for St George’s." And thus they took on their challenges. Alex did a complete ironman in distance, over a number of days, Ollie ran a total of 50 miles and Emily, Jessica, Rosie and William climbed the equivalent of Mount Everest (8,848m) on a treadmill together as a team. Although they found some parts challenging, with sore legs of the Everest climbers and Alex hating the running part of his triathlon, they stayed motivated due to the amazing support of others, "Every time we thought about walking during a run, or stopping the treadmill, we kept going as everyone has been so incredibly generous. JustGiving also told us that we were in the top 1% of all the fundraiser pages in April (out of an astonishing 38,600) so that helped to motivate us too." Visit their JustGiving page here and support their incredible efforts.


Additionally we have keen cricketer Nathan. Unable to play his usual cricket matches and missing wearing his kit, Nathan decided that he would wear his kit (except his helmet and gloves) from 11:00am to 6:00pm every day from 23rd April until he goes back to school and fundraise for St George’s Hospital. Nathan said, “I’ve chosen the St George’s Hospital Charity because my sister was really unwell when she was not quite 3 years old and the doctors and nurses at St. George’s saved her life. I’m doing this now because the country is going through hard times and I’m sure that St George’s Hospital will be able to use the money to look after children and other patients”. His older sister was hospitalised in PICU with necrotising fasciitis when she was just 3 years old and the family said, “It is without question that we owe Nicole’s life to the decisive action, expertise and care of the whole medical team at St. George’s Hospital.” Wearing his kit all day can be uncomfortable, especially when it gets hot and when he has certain tasks such as school work and exercise to do, but Nathan has not been deterred as he knows that sick people at St George’s Hospital will benefit from his fundraising. To give to Nathan's amazing fundraising efforts, visit his page.


Next up we have the incredible Charlotte and Freya. They both love netball and play for their school teams, so they decided that they would aim to score 1,000 netball goals in 30 days to bring an exciting challenge into their lockdown. They chose St George’s as both their parents trained at St George’s Hospital Medical School and are part of the current COVID-19 fight. Charlotte’s Mum and Dad are both GPs in Surrey and Freya’s Dad is a Consultant at St George’s and her Mum is a physiotherapist at Kingston Hospital. Furthermore, Charlotte’s Auntie is due to give birth at St George’s Hospital in June! Although they had to wait for the slow delivery of Freya’s netball hoop they quickly got started with their challenge. Charlotte and Freya said, "Seeing all the amazing donations come in has really kept us motivated. We only thought we could raise about £100 but we are racing towards £800 now!". To support Charlotte and Freya, give here.


Next we have Toby! Toby was born at St George’s Hospital, and knew how much the staff helped his mum and him during a difficult birth; he decided he wanted to do something to repay those who helped. His birthday was 8th April when he was gifted some acrylic paint pens. As Toby loves drawing and painting, he thought it would be a good idea to use his new pens by drawing on some stones. Instead of keeping them, he would sell them to raise money to help a local charity. Toby enjoys painting the stones and therefore any opportunity to paint a new stone is always welcome! He has raised an amazing £270 so far, to support Toby further visit his JustGiving page here.


One of our incredible fundraisers Barnaby, who is 8 years old, has set himself the target of cycling an amazing 100 miles to support St. George’s Coronavirus Appeal. Originally, his aim was to raise £1 for every mile he cycled; £100 for 100 miles!  He is currently at 66.5 miles (so close)! He is absolutely smashing his challenge, raising a fantastic £445 so far (+ £90 Gift Aid), which is amazing! All the support from his friends and family plus seeing the donations climb higher and higher has really helped Barnaby’s motivation to ‘keep going until he reaches 100 miles’; that and ‘avoiding having to go for walks as his daily exercise’ because going down steep hills on a bike is much more fun than walking down them (I think we can all agree)! Barnaby chose to support St George’s as he was born prematurely here at the hospital; he was 5 weeks early and stayed at St George’s for 2 weeks, including a brief time in NICU. Thank you so much Barnaby for taking on this incredible challenge and for all your marvellous support!


Bea (three years old) took on her very own 'Climb Big Ben Challenge' by climbing her stairs 42 times which is the equivalent of her climbing to the top of Big Ben! She chose to fundraise for St George’s Hospital because she wanted ‘to give the hospital money to help look after the poorly people with the bad bug. They also looked after my brother when he was really sick’. Bea’s brother was born with sepsis back in November and was hospitalised with bronchiolitis and needed oxygen when he was 16 days old. This came back in early March, meaning another trip to St George’s where this time, due to some similar symptoms, he had to be treated as a potential Covid-19 patient. Bea has been aware of the details of her brother being ill (as much as any three year old can be), so she wanted to help and that she definitely did! Through her challenge she raised an incredible £707 (+ £159.35 Gift Aid). She celebrated completing her challenge after winning a trophy and unicorn cake bar which she definitely deserved!








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