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Supporting our Skydivers to their new skydive date

18th May 2020

24 May 2020 was meant to be a day where 10 of our amazing fundraisers would be taking to the skies to jump 13,000ft out of a plane, all in aid of St. George’s Hospital Charity. Due to the current pandemic, this has now had to be re-arranged to later this year. Regardless, we are still very excited to support all our skydivers through to their jump and are looking forward to raising ever more funds for the hospitals, and one of our skydivers, Bryn Roberts, is too.

Bryn’s wife, Jane, first got in touch with us earlier this year wanting to support St George’s Hospital Charity but not quite being up to the heights that a 13,000ft skydive would take her. This is when she thought of her grand plan. She told us that last year for his birthday; she had bought Bryn a ticket for the fastest zip line in the world and longest zip line in Europe and was disappointed when he planted his feet on the ground to say it wasn’t as thrilling as she’d hoped. Therefore, she decided to register Bryn for our skydive day as a (hopefully) more exhilarating birthday present and in order to support our Children’s Appeal. Having worked as a Specialist Paediatric Nurse for over 30 years, this is an area close to her heart and she was determined to raise the funds.

At the start of May, Bryn’s birthday came around. Although, Jane was aware of the skydive day having to be postponed due to the pandemic she still wanted to give him his birthday surprise as something to look forward to (or to build his nerves up) later in the year. Jane said, “His reaction was great! It was very amusing to watch the cogs in his brain work as he figured out his present and the many 'oohs' and 'ahhs' following his exclamation of ‘You’re going to throw me out of a plane! Wow!’”

Jane has already raised an incredible £452.00 for our Children’s Appeal and now that Bryn is on board, he is keen to get those funds up even more! After the big reveal, Bryn said, “Firstly, I can’t believe she kept this surprise from me, getting family and friends to donate for months without anyone saying a word! Now I know, I am excited to raise more funds for the Children’s Appeal, I know about the great work they are doing there and I am so happy to be supporting it.”

If you'd like to support Bryn and our Children’s Appeal, follow the link here.






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