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Huge thanks to Wei Zhang, St George's Rheumatology Nurse

19th May 2020

A very special thank you to Wei Zhang, in the centre of the photograph, a St. George’s Rheumatology Nurse, who has rallied together the local Chinese community and helped organise many donations for St George’s Hospital.

Wei secured over 20,000 surgical masks and over 2,000 personal protective equipment (PPE) including goggles and visors. The donations were the result of a large effort on her part, employing the support of the local Chinese community in South West London.

Huge thanks goes to the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in the UK, the Bank of China and Shanghai Pudong Bank for all your support.

Jason Chow, Consultant Medical Oncologist at St. George’s said: ‘A special thank you from myself and the Haematology and Oncology departments for the donation, which will go towards shielding patients from Covid-19 whilst they come to the hospital for life saving treatment.’

Not only has Wei been supporting St. George’s Hospital but she has also arranged the donation and distribution of 100,000 masks, 50,000 gloves and other PPE to hospitals, care homes and GP surgeries across London.

Molly Simpson, Events and Community Fundraising Manager at St. George’s Hospital Charity said: ‘We want to thank Wei for her continued support of St. George’s Hospital Charity. She continues to play a huge part in raising funds and securing donations which we are so grateful for. Thank you.’






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