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Volunteer Spotlight- Rozina

21st May 2020

At St George’s Hospital Charity we are lucky to be supported by amazing volunteers from the community, whose help we've needed more than ever during this Coronavirus Pandemic. The St George’s Covid Response group, founded by medical student, Rozina Choudhury, is a group delivering initiatives across St George’s and Queen Mary’s Hospitals.
We asked Rozina to share some of her experiences over the past 8 weeks;

The Covid response group started with a simple thought during the earlier days of the pandemic when the Covid-19 outbreak in the UK was just beginning.

I fell ill myself and, whilst in bed at home, I came across a picture of an elderly lady in the supermarket full of empty aisles – you may have seen it too, as it shortly went viral all over social media. The reality of the coronavirus situation was really starting to kick in - the stockpiling, the panic buying - and the impact that this pandemic was having on our community, not to mention on our NHS staff. This picture truly broke my heart and I realised we could not simply sit back and do nothing.

It started with sharing viral kindness cards - encouraging others to post leaflets to their elderly and vulnerable neighbours to provide help with shopping or collecting medications and so forth. It then started to grow. I knew I wasn’t the only one who wanted to help so I reached out to my colleagues at St George’s to see who would like to get involved and the response has been truly amazing. Now we have a working group of over 170 volunteers!

We have had an outpouring of support and we continue to reach out to anyone who might need our help. I am amazed at how much the community has come together and I am blown away by the messages of support we have received. I honestly feel so privileged to be able to work together as part of Team George’s at a time when it is most needed.

During this time I have been honoured to meet some of the most beautiful of souls. They say that when you sign up to work in healthcare, you dedicate your life to helping people and this could not be more true.”

We couldn’t be more grateful to Rozina and her team of volunteers who have helped distribute around 6,000 care packages to our staff, delivered hot meals to wards and departments around the Trust, supported on art projects for patients and so much more!

This Thank You Thursday is dedicated to Rozina and her team, we cannot thank you enough, you are true Team George’s heroes.






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