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Continuing to support staff at Queen Mary's and our community Hospitals

22nd May 2020

We continue to deliver care packages to staff at Queen Mary’s Hospital and local community sites. It has been of great importance to us at St George’s Hospital Charity, that we continue to reach all members of staff supporting the Trust, not just those based at St George’s.

We continue to deliver around 200 care packages for staff to Queen Mary’s Hospital each week, but could not do this without the amazing support of the London Fire Brigade, Wandsworth branch who pick up and drop off for us- thank you so much.

Elera McIntosh, Practice Educator on the Mary Seacole Ward said “We are just so grateful for everything you do at St George’s Hospital Charity. You have no idea how receiving your package sets the mood for a shift. Praise, encouragement and thanks make a lot of difference- it tells them they are appreciated. No matter what people say, recognition matters to most.”

This week we also dropped off 50 staff care packages to the team at South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust.

Lucy Keating, Specialist Nurse Practitioner said: “Huge thanks to everyone who arranged, compiled and delivered this for us, this has brought some much needed happiness to our service. What you are all doing is so wonderful and I really hope you all know how much of a difference you are making."

We hope to continue supporting these teams and want to thank everyone who has made a donation big or small to make sure we can continue filling these care packages with goodies.

Thank you






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