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Grant Awarded to Prevent Sight Loss in Premature Babies

2nd July 2020

St George’s Hospital Charity has joined forces with Moorfields Eye Charity and charity First Touch to fund Forus Neo equipment at St George’s Hospital which will be used for retinal imaging in premature babies at risk for retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), a condition that can lead to permanent sight loss.

£75,000 has been raised to ensure this technology is available to patients at St George’s which will be used by 12 doctors to monitor the eyesight of an estimated 300 babies each year and in many cases- save eyesight. The use of retinal imaging equipment will bring next generation innovation by enhancing existing testing and monitoring methods. Introducing the equipment reduces the need for transferring potentially ill babies between multiple hospitals and specialist centres as the retinal imaging would be carried out in one place. This also helps in soliciting other professional opinions regarding treatment in more difficult cases and enhances the quality of care we are able to deliver.

For the baby's parents' peace of mind, doctors will be able to show parents an image of their baby’s retina which can alleviate a lot of anxiety and facilitate informed decision making about treatment. Images throughout treatment can be compiled to demonstrate to parents, the positive effects of their baby’s treatment, whereas previously the use of diagrams and standard photographs were the only option in facilitating this type of decision.

The imaging can also be a useful tool in the training of future specialists and engaging in research projects alongside larger multi-centre studies into ROP, allowing safe and detailed evaluation of retinal abnormalities without prolonged handling of ill babies.

To find out more about our supporting partners:

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