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Year of the Nurse and Midwife - Our August Feature

3rd August 2020

This August we introduce Chris Brunker for our Year of the Nurse and Midwife 2020 series. Chris is a Critical Nurse Specialist in St George’s Neurological Intensive Care Unit, who started at the hospital in 1992, at the old Atkinson Morley site. Other than a break in 1999, Chris has been here ever since, stating that what he loves about nursing is that it is ‘the expression of humanity in the clinical world.’

We asked Chris how the recent pandemic affected him and his role.

To begin with, very considerably, in the course of a day I changed from a Clinical Nurse Specialist to a Matron, setting up and running a newly introduced and large intensive care unit (ICU) on what had previously been a neurosurgical ward. It was a huge challenge, one which would have been insurmountable without the energy, enthusiasm, adaptability and sheer hard work of all the staff who found themselves involved. Since the end of the surge, I have gone back to my usual role, but the lessons we learned in the spring have helped us improve many aspects of our care for patients. We are, of course, waiting to see if we have to do it all again.

We also asked how St George's Hospital Charity has had an impact on Chris' role.

St George's Hospital Charity has always been a huge help to us, helping former patients and families raise money to improve the way we provide care. This has included improvements to our waiting areas and staff rest room, providing equipment and funding research. The height of the pandemic saw huge charitable efforts on behalf of the NHS and its staff and the challenge for the future will be to maintain that goodwill.

Thank you for all your hard work over the years Chris!






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