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Claire, Sophie and Barnaby take on 65 miles for the Young Onset Dementia Support Group

14th August 2020

Claire, Sophie and their wonderful dog Barnaby will be cycling 65 miles on Saturday 15 August in support of St George’s Hospital Charity which is set to be a scorching 33 degrees.

They have chosen 65 miles because they are raising money for the Young Onset Dementia Support Group which is held at St George’s Hospital, Tooting.

Receiving a diagnosis of dementia at any age is a life-changing event; however for those under 65 it can be particularly difficult. Many people still have their children at home and the impact on the whole family can be huge. Claire and Sophie know all too well about this as their mum was diagnosed 2 years ago with a very rare form of young onset dementia and they felt completely lost. They said “We had no idea how to proceed and what we could do to help her out.”

They were referred to the St George’s Hospital Young Onset Dementia Group which is funded by St George’s Hospital Charity and it has changed their life.

They said: “The Group gives us all the chance to learn new coping mechanisms and understand our loved one's diagnosis. [It gives] us the chance to relax and quite often learn new things to help us all improve mum's quality of life. It gives us time to have discussions with other carers. Even though in lockdown we haven’t been able to get to the hospital, we have all met via Zoom and have a WhatsApp group which has been invaluable!”

The money raised through our 65 mile My Ride London will ensure the group gets funding so it can continue to go ahead. Claire, Sophie and of course Barnaby are nervous about the challenge but looking forward to celebrating at the end near St George’s! They ask you: "Please please give whatever you can to allow the group to help so many people who would otherwise feel completely alone."

You can donate to their page here.






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