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Gabe, 8 years old, cuts his Lockdown Locks to say #ThankYouGeorges

2nd September 2020

Hello September! On the 1st September, 8 year old Gabe Fernandes, cut off all his lockdown locks to raise funds for St George’s Hospital Charity.

Gabe is supporting the Dragon Centre who have looked after him when he has been ill and it isn’t the first time he has! He has previously donated toys on his birthday but now wants to take it one step further and raise some money!

We asked Gabe how he was feeling about cutting it all off…

“I’m a little excited at the idea of getting my haircut […] and happy that I can raise some money for charity” Gabe said that “The NHS has helped me a lot when I was unwell and taken good care of me. I am proud that everyone in the NHS is working very hard to protect people from COVID and wanted to help in a small way.

Tullika and Lionel, Gabe’s parents said they “are very proud of Gabe for thinking of a way that he can give back. He has always been a sensitive, kind-hearted kid and we are happy that he found his own way to express his gratitude and connection."

At St George’s Hospital Charity, we are so grateful for Gabe and his amazing fundraising. He has already smashed his original target of £200 by raising over £400 and we hope with everyone’s support he can keep going.

You can donate here today.

Check out some before and after pictures below of Gabe who cut his Lockdown locks!


                                                  Before                                                    After






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