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St George’s Hospital Charity funds new dedicated Clinical Research Unit

23rd September 2020

As well as seeing hundreds of people a week, the Emergency Department (ED) at St George’s Hospital also carries out research projects to find better care and treatment for patients.

Over the past year, the Emergency Department Clinical Research Unit enabled over 2,500 patients to participate in research, more than any other ED in England. Now, thanks to funding from St George’s Hospital Charity, the unit will have a dedicated space to conduct its work.

Professor Heather Jarman, Consultant Nurse and Clinical Academic Lead for ED said: “The team is really pleased and excited to have a permanent office where we can carry out our work. Most of the studies we do are supported by the National Institute for Health Research, and could provide a very significant development in clinical care. We have a number of investigators and researchers in the department leading and developing grant funded studies. Having a physical hub is beneficial to everyone involved, and will help us build on our strong reputation for research.”

“I’d like to thank the charity for making it possible, and also to our estates team for all their work in getting us to this point.”

Amerjit Chohan, Chief Executive Officer of St George’s Hospital Charity, said: “We are delighted to have been able to help fund a permanent office for the Emergency Department Clinical Research Unit. The work they do is vital for the communities we serve, and we hope the new space will make finding the treatments of tomorrow easier.”

The unit brings together research nurses, practitioners and clinical staff who support the research programme. Examples of studies include screening for carbon monoxide in emergency departments, and assessing frailty in patients admitted with major trauma.

For more information about the unit’s work, click here.

Funding the new Clinical Research Unit embodies St George’s Hospital Charity’s vision of ‘better care, healthier lives’. We want to enhance the amazing departments at St George’s Trust and make a positive impact on the lives of thousands of people touched by our hospitals each year.






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