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Christina's Chocolate Bouquet Fundraiser!

13th November 2020

Earlier this year, Christina’s dad was diagnosed with Covid-19 and had to be transferred to St George’s Hospital for treatment when he fell into a serious coma at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. To say thank you for saving her dad’s life, Christina is raising money to give back to the hospitals. She has organised a chocolate bouquet giveaway from her business and is asking people to donate to be in with a chance of winning a delicious chocolate bouquet.

Christina said, ‘We chose to support St George’s and the Coronavirus Appeal because it’s something that has had a huge effect on us as a family! Our dad was transferred there in a coma after struggling to bring him round, he then had a tracheostomy inserted to help him breathe away from the ventilator and this is what eventually brought him round. St George’s really did save our dad's life and for that we will always be grateful! If we can put even a little bit back in, to help them bring home someone else’s dad, mum etc. then it’s worth it. We were never able to see our dad while in a coma for 6 weeks and the 9 weeks he was in hospital and St George’s went above and beyond even though they were extremely busy to ask about our day so they could let dad know. The virus not only affected our dad but his brother too, who unfortunately lost his life and we want as much research into it to make sure the world can be a safer and better place.’

We also asked Christina what she had learnt on her fundraising journey so far, she said, ‘I’ve learnt that this meant a lot to other people, not just us, we had so many family and friends on Facebook following our journey with dad and supported us so much then, and continue to now.’

Thank you Christina! Visit her JustGiving page to get involved today here.






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