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St George’s Hospital Charity funds antenatal education kits

13th November 2020

Left to right: Holly Clark, Maple Team Midwife and Vicki Grayson, Birth Centre Lead Midwife showing some of the education models.

St George’s Hospital Charity has funded over £5,390 to purchase 10 model dolls, pelvis, placenta, and breast feeding aids to enable maternity teams to deliver key information during antenatal classes and after the baby is born, for pregnant women and their partners.

Antenatal classes (now held as one-to-one sessions due to the coronavirus pandemic) at St George’s help women and partners to prepare for their baby’s birth by providing information on how to look after and feed the baby; staying healthy during pregnancy; and a birth plan and labour arrangements.

Maria Brown, Lead Midwife/Matron at St George’s Hospital, said: “These new teaching kits will help us to provide visual aids when explaining key information such as the position of the baby, or how to breast feed."

“It will also help parents-to-be feel a bit more reassured about what to expect – especially during the pandemic – and can also help partners feel more involved with the pregnancy."

“Our midwives are now looking at ways we can introduce our sessions online. We hope to be able to introduce this in the near future.”

A big thank you to maternity teams for championing new ways of reaching and safely treating patients during the pandemic through new innovative methods, we at the Charity are delighted to help support patients and staff by funding these kits.






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