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Brain surgery boost at St George’s Hospital

3rd December 2015

St George’s Hospital Charity is celebrating the remarkable fundraising achievement of an Oxshott couple who have raised £70,000 to buy a new and advanced piece of medical equipment for brain surgery at St George’s Hospital in Tooting.


Pauline Hurley receives care from consultant Timothy Jones and his team. Her goal was to provide a major piece of medical equipment for the hospital in appreciation of their life-changing work.


With the support of friends, family and clients of Hurley Partners, together with a significant donation from the Guild of the Nineteen Lubricators the total goal was achieved.


Mr Hurley said:-

“Pauline and I are absolutely delighted to be able to present this cheque for £70,000 to Tim Jones. We would like to say a massive thank you to everybody who helped us with our fund raising effort. Never in our wildest dreams did we think donations would snowball and give us such a result in such a short space of time. What started as an aim to contribute to the charity’s general fund has resulted in a really special and life-changing piece of equipment being made available to Tim and his wonderful colleagues in the Atkinson Morley Neurology Department at St Georges Hospital”


Mr Timothy Jones, Consultant Neurosurgeon and the Neuro-Oncology Multi- Disciplinary Team Lead at St George’s Hospital said:-


“The generosity of Pauline and Tony Hurley and their friends is a remarkable way to develop the work of the neurosurgery team at St George’s Hospital. St George’s will be the first London hospital to use this equipment for this type of surgery – a significant fact, and because of this we will become a reference centre that other hospitals turn to. We are already looking forward to putting the new intra-operative ultrasound machine to immediate use. It will help so many patients receive continued access to neurosurgery and expand the number of patients we can treat. It will make a dramatic difference to the way we treat brain tumours including watching where blood flows in the brain require attention. The equipment will also help us remove more tumour that is identified during surgery and can help us when operating on spinal cord injuries and in hydrocephalus cases. We can use this amazing piece of kit during operations to look at the location of tumour tissues and guide how much to remove during the operation. All in all it will have a major impact.”


Martyn Willis, Chief Executive of St George’s Hospital Charity also expressed his appreciation:-


“The hospital charity is here to support donors and fundraisers such as Mr and Mrs Hurley to provide the ‘extras’ for the hospitals. This is an exceptional sum to have raised and it means exciting things for our neurosurgery team who offer an incredible service which will now be equipped with a new and additional intra-operative ultrasound machine”

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