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10 reasons to run for George’s

18th December 2020

We have 4 amazing running events for to to take part in this year to raise funds for Team George’s! From the coastal views of Brighton Marathon, to the beautiful Royal Parks of London there are many scenic routes to choose from.

Here are our handpicked top 10 reasons to run for St George’s in 2021.

1.  You will be able to say thank you to those at St George’s and Queen Mary's hospitals and staff.

Whether you or a loved one received treatment at St George’s or you work at the Trust and want to say thank you to all your colleagues for their hard work over the past year, taking part in a running event will allow you to go the extra mile to say just that!

2. You may get to meet some amazing people

Inspire others and be inspired! Everyone has their personal reason for taking on a running challenge and raising funds for St George’s Hospitals. 

3. You will receive fundraising support from our specialist team AND official St George's Hospital Charity merchandise

We offer all the support required to ensure that you succeed in raising funds for St George’s Hospital Charity. You will also receive an official branded St George’s Hospital Charity running vest to remember the event alongside other merchandise.

4. You will have a worthwhile goal to add to your list for 2021

Signing up to one of our running events will give you the focus and motivation to get up and out and run, jog or sprint! Running will benefit both physical and mental health. You never know, you might even beat your current personal best!

5. It’ll help you discover of new places

Whether you need to find new running routes for longer training runs, add variety to your running routes, or explore new undiscovered areas, you’re bound to find new places to add to your scenic memory bank!

6. Bragging rights

Earn endless bragging rights and street cred amongst your friends and family by being able to say you DID THIS! What a challenge to be able to say you completed, you instantly get bumped up the cool list.

7. Epic photos as proof of your incredible achievement

What better way to prove you smashed your running challenge than by having an epic moment captured on camera? What a fantastically proud moment to add to your family albums!

8. The feeling of conquering a huge challenge

We promise you will be giving yourself so many self-high-fives as you feel empowered and accomplished afterwards.

9. The support of your family, friends and anyone else around to cheer you on

You will be in it with so many others going through the same challenge and will have the support of all your loved ones to spur you on, as well as the charity team of course!

10. You are running for a great cause

All the money you raise will go towards helping St George’s Hospital Charity to  secure items that are ‘over and above’ what is normally provided. This could be new medical equipment, improvement in facilities, research, support group funding for those living with chronic conditions, hospital arts, musical therapies, and so much more.

Find out more about all of our running events here! 






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