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Coronavirus- Impact recap

12th January 2021

As we relaunch our St George’s Covid Appeal, we look back at the incredible impact your support made for our hospitals in 2020. With your donations we were able to help staff and patients most in need at our hospitals.

• We provided 150+ iPads - to patients not able to receive visitors. This gave patients chance to see and talk to their loved ones and allowed clinicians to offer virtual consultations to patients, avoiding unnecessary trips to the hospital

• We opened 5 wellbeing hubs for staff, which are dedicated spaces in our hospitals. Staff can sit, briefly relax, make a hot drink or grab a nourishing meal from a fully-stocked fridge, with access to a TV, sleep pods and more.

• We helped fund 46,000 free hot meals for staff which were delivered directly to their wards and departments to keep them nourished during these busy times.

• We provided over 12,000 staff care packages consisting of various snacks, toiletries and other small gifts. Many staff members have expressed how much these care packages have gone a long way to help them feel cared for during the pandemic.

• We provided all wards with a patient supply boxes regularly stocked with snacks, toiletries and arts activities so they could still receive some home comforts which would usually have been brought in by their visitors.

• We funded Chemotherapy Comfort Kits for patients starting treatment. The kits included information and support for their care, hand cream and antibacterial gel, hard candy to take away the metallic taste that treatment causes, lip balm for dry lips, handmade lavender bags for calmness and so much more.

• During the Covid Pandemic all antenatal group classes were suspended and midwives have been providing more information to women through a clinic setting instead. We funded antenatal education kits to enable midwives to provide clear and important information to women about labour, birth and breast feeding.

• We provided ready beds for partners staying on our delivery suite. With the uncertainty of Covid 19 and restrictions imposed on Maternity services, the ready beds ensure partners are well rested and more comfortable, therefore being able to offer better support to women in labour and birth. We hope the beds will ease anxiety and reduce tensions, assuring women and families that the Trust is putting patients first during these challenging times.

• We funded spirometers for our Paediatric Asthma Team to enable the team to perform spirometry at patients’ homes, helping to avoid unnecessary travel and exposure to infection.

• COVID 19 research: The Charity funded the purchase and installation of a Class I Microbiological Safety Cabinet which has allowed St George’s University of London to join the worldwide effort aimed at investigating the biology of SARS-CoV-2 to lay the molecular and cellular basis for novel therapeutics, and also to contribute to clinical trials led by St George’s Hospital. The Class I cabinet was commissioned on the 4th June and research was initiated immediately with a diverse range of projects being rapidly developed.

• Outdoor Hubs - we funded two outdoor hubs allowing staff to sit outside comfortably to take breaks, to hold meetings and run staff training sessions. Providing outdoor areas such as these has been well received. We would like to provide more, especially given the benefits of reducing infection by being in outdoor open areas, particularly helpful when spring arrives.

• Team Thank You Awards; we invited hospital departments Trustwide to nominate teams for their superb efforts in responding to the pandemic. We awarded 99 teams with gift vouchers to recognise their efforts. This was a tremendously popular initiative because it enabled everyone to shine a light on everyone’s work.

Our Hospitals are once again under an unprecedented amount of pressure as new Covid patients are admitted daily. With your donations we will continue to support our hospitals even further.

As the official hospital charity, we are working closely with St George’s to keep up with the current situation, their needs and how we can help. With your support we will continue to provide our amazing staff with Care Packages on a weekly basis, we will also fund additional iPads for patients so they can stay connected with their loved ones and so much more.

Donate today at www.justgiving.com/campaign/stgeorgescovidappeal








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