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Fundraiser Neil cycles 3,669kms for St George’s Hospital Charity

26th February 2021

When Sophie, Neil’s niece aged 15, had been complaining about a sore leg they never imagined that it would end up being an infected haematoma or the diagnosis of Leukaemia.

Sophie was admitted to St George’s Hospital and after several weeks of treatment, surgery and medication she began showing signs of 'Stephen Johnsons Syndrome' aka 'SJS' which is a rare, severe and life threatening reaction to a medication, suspected to have been one of the antibiotics used to fight the original infection.

Neil explains “Her body blistered like burns and was so bad that she had to be constantly medicated and at times kept sedated and on a ventilator. The complications continued with her spending several weeks on dialysis as many of her organs were struggling to cope with all that was going on.”

After months of incredible care from the Paediatric Team at St George’s she has made a huge recovery from the original infection and the burns from the SJS. She is still facing a long-term fight against the Leukaemia and has a long road ahead of her, which is why Neil decided to raise money for the team at St George’s by cycling The Route 66 Virtual Fitness Challenge.

Neil is over half way through the 3,669km journey and has already raised over £3,000!
Neil said “St Georges SAVED Sophie’s life; words cannot describe how grateful the whole family are that we have such an amazing resource in the NHS! There are a million reasons to donate and support the NHS, so many families would be crushed beyond belief if we didn’t have you guys! Everyone who has supported me is amazing, and I would love to ride up to St Georges to finish my challenge and smash the goal even further!”

The great news is that as of 17th February Sophie has been discharged from St George’s and the Royal Marsden and is now able to spend time at home with her family. She has been ‘virtually’ cheering on her uncle as are we!

To donate to Neil’s Fundraising please visit https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/neil-featherstone.








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