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Volunteers Week 2021- Celebrating our Wellbeing Hub volunteers!

3rd June 2021

This Volunteers Week 2021, St George’s Hospital Charity want to celebrate volunteers who have supported St George’s Trust from the start of this pandemic up to today!

We have had an amazing team supporting the Wellbeing Hub for the past year, preparing the lounge for staff members to come and relax and take some time out with a nice cup of tea and conversation. Many of them first joined Team Georges as part of the Project Wingman initiative, which started as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but since that finished, have taken on a whole host of responsibilities in their continuing roles.

This starts with the incredible George Pang. George has been volunteering at the Wellbeing Hub since it first opened in April 2020 and has since taken on a huge amount of responsibility in managing the Hub and its volunteers, alongside Catherine Vickery who has volunteered since May 2020 and now organises the weekly rota. Additionally, George has led on fundraising for St George's Hospital Charity through organising raffles and book donations in the hub.

Both George and Catherine have had many highlights over the past year but George says that he has truly enjoyed 'seeing so many friendly faces in the Hub and how the hospital staff and volunteers have seen the Hub as a focal point where they can chill, relax and a place they look forward to coming to again and again… it has been really rewarding, constantly thinking of ways to utilise contacts and resources to benefit the room.' Catherine added that it is ‘always wonderful to hear that staff are so appreciative of our support.’

Another volunteer in the Wellbeing Hub, Karen Lloyd, who joined the team in September 2020, said that 'Volunteering gave me a purpose during the pandemic as my job was in theatre land and hospitality, and I was made redundant and I lost my Dad, the team and being at the hospital has kept me sane, feel appreciated and feel useful, I love it and the laughs we have too.' Although the day to day has remained similar throughout, which Karen has enjoyed, she has loved getting involved in the more special days. Whether it is a festive occasion or celebration day, her highlight has been when she has been able to get creative and reach out to get donations for St George's Trust staff to enjoy!

There are so many more incredible volunteers that are a part of their team and St George's Hospital Charity and we want to say a huge thank you for your generosity in time and smiles!









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