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Ishana’s incredible birthday fundraiser

4th June 2021

Each year, instead of asking for presents for her birthday, Ishana Gurd asks for donations to St George’s Hospital Charity and this year, celebrating her 8th birthday, is no different. We spoke more to her dad, James, about the reasons behind Ishana’s amazing fundraising for St George’s Hospital Charity…

Ishana and her family decided to raise money for St George’s Hospital Charity as she was rushed into St George’s for an emergency appendectomy when she was 4 years old. James said that ‘Seeing our 4-year old daughter in agony, waiting for her outside theatre and then nervously waiting for her to recover was an emotional and tough experience. The staff at St George's were brilliant, from the surgical team to the ward team who went the extra mile to reassure us and, more importantly, put Ishana at ease, reduce her anxiety and give her encouragement. Without them, it would have been much harder for us and Ishana.'

Due to the amazing care that she received, Ishana and her family wanted to find a way to give back to the NHS, as well as help other children that need cheering up when they are ill in hospital. Additionally, James noted that they have been helping Ishana learn about the environment and she understands that a lot of the presents people buy are single use plastic and non-recyclable so she wanted to do something positive to make a real change.

For this, James is immeasurably proud, ‘What's amazing is this started with us suggesting it and encouraging her to not just see her birthday as a day of receiving, and now she asks us each year if she can fundraise... She willingly asks friends not to give her presents but instead to donate to St George's. As a parent you can encourage and make suggestions but it's ultimately down to your child to decide what they want to do. We're hugely impressed that she's able to see past the materialism of birthdays and do something courageous and positive. She has an amazingly kind soul.’

If that wasn’t generous enough, to raise even more this year and support Ishana, James is running the North Downs Half Marathon in July. James has been training by running with his dog Albie so much so that he suffered an ankle injury, either way he says that he plans on walking the distance to keep up his side of the bargain!

Ishana wants to say a huge thank you to the doctors and nurses for being so kind, and especially to the ward staff and playteam who she fondly remembers from her time at St George’s Hospital. James added that, ‘I think now, aged 8, she'd also tell them how brave she was and how much fun she had, the beauty of a child's rose-tinted glasses!’

We are absolutely blown away by Ishana’s generosity and think we can all learn a thing or two about kindness from her! They have already raised an amazing £615 so far but would love your support to raise more, donate here!








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