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Fundraiser Spotlight: Shahid Rafiq

11th July 2021

In November 2020 Shahid was admitted into St George’s Hospital, after 3 weeks of having a myriad of tests he was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS) which is a rare condition that causes the immune system to attack and damage the nerves in his limbs. The condition resulted in him swiftly losing the ability to stand; walk and the partial use his hands, in that he lost both significant levels of dexterity and motor skills. Not only was he diagnosed with GBS but he also had to face blood pressure issues, low salt concerns, losing proteins through his urine and anaemia.

Shahid had to spend the first 5.5 months in an acute ward lying completely flat in a bed having Blood Plasma Transfusions, Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG) which is an antibody treatment, saline drips and daily blood tests. Due to his extra issues his recovery has been a very slow process however, in April 2021 Shahid was moved to the Wolfson Rehab Centre where with intense physio and occupational therapy (2 hours a day and extra sessions) he is seeing real progress. He can now stand and walk with a zimmer frame. His hands are also getting better so in Shahid’s words

“I am seeing light at the end of the long dark tunnel and hope to come out stronger at the other side. I now treat my rehab as training.”

So to say thank you for the incredible care Shahid has received, especially from the amazing physio team at Queen Mary’s he has decided to raise funds for the Wolfson Rehab Centre who are working with him every day to get him to a place where he is a strong as he can be. Shahid is so grateful and in his words:

“The staff have all been awesome and you only really fully appreciate what they do once you've been there and experienced it day to day for yourself. They don’t have a few pieces of essential rehab equipment in the unit and I would really like to raise funds for them to be able to purchase these”

Here at St George’s Hospital Charity we are incredibly grateful for Shahid’s amazing fundraising as of 11th Sunday he has raised in total an amazing £12,961.83 which is being split between the rehab centre and the GBS charity GAIN! You can still donate to his page to help him reach his £15,000 goal mark!



If you are inspired by Shahid's story and would like to find out how you can support St George's Hospital Charity please email giving@stgeorges.nhs.uk or call 020 8725 4522. 








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