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Olivia’s Stanmore to St George’s Hospital Challenge

9th September 2021

Olivia took on a huge 16.5 mile walking challenge to say thank you for the care that she received when at St George’s Hospital.

In October 2019, Olivia underwent an operation to remove an infection on her brain at St George’s Hospital. She went on to spend a month on the Brodie Ward and says she is ‘still blown away by the amazing support from the staff. The work they do every day to keep you safe, clean and most of all feeling positive is remarkable and my family and I are so grateful.’

After her operation and time at St George’s, she moved away from Tooting to her friend’s home in Stanmore which she says was her safe space after her immediate recovery in the hospital. It was here she came up with the challenge to walk from Stanmore to St George’s, Olivia said, ‘considering I couldn't walk very well after my operation it felt right to walk in celebration of how far I have come, from my safe space to the place that saved me!’

So, on 24th August 2021, Olivia and her partner, who had spent most days at her bedside when she was in hospital, took on the challenge. Olivia noted that, ‘The first half was an absolute breeze and considering I am not very fit I was really surprised at how well I was doing though I think I got too cocky as we hit hour 4 because the last hour was HORRENDOUS…Any movements I made that evening were pretty awkward.’

The walk took them 6 hours to complete (including snack and toilet breaks) which meant she smashed her goal of doing the whole walk in under 7 hours, and she says they had a lot of fun throughout.

Although Olivia had highs and lows from her time in hospital, highlights including the cheese and onion pie with gravy and mash and the peach yoghurt and daily (sometimes, surprise) visitors and the lows being the daily blood tests, frequent MRIs and cannulas; all in all she looks back at her time on Brodie Ward with fond memories.

She learnt a lot about strength, determination and what it means to be truly kind and said, ‘I wouldn't be here without the team’s positivity and kindness. I might look back on that month with rose tinted glasses but it was a ball and I am so lucky to have been on Brodie! THANK YOU - I really hope that the money we raised makes a difference.’

We want to say a huge thank you to Olivia, and her partner, for taking on this challenge for the Brodie Ward. Show your support of Olivia smashing this challenge and donate to her page here!









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