Matt Hazledine Launches Lymphoedema Book

05 October 2021
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How to Live Better with Lymphoedema, available on paperback and on Kindle was released on Friday 1st October.

Matt Hazledine, founder of Lymphoedema United, has released a new book for those living with lymphoedema, How to Live Better with Lymphoedema - Meet the Experts, which 25% of the pre-tax profits will be donated to the St George’s Lymphoedema Research fund.

The author has been living with lymphoedema since 2011 after experiencing a severe episode of cellulitis in his left leg. To mark 10 years since diagnosis Matt collaborated with 20 experts to write a book detailing his own experiences with lymphoedema but also provide a range of tips for those living with the condition.

Lymphoedema is a disease that occurs when the lymphatic system fails causing lymph fluid to collect under the skin causing visible swelling – infections are common and can be life threatening, it's thought to affect over 200,000 people in the UK.

Describing what is was like to write the book Matt said: “Overall, it was quite a cathartic experience, recalling and writing about my experiences and tips while living with lymphoedema for over 10 years now.  Some chapters were much harder and more emotional to write than others, so I tended to push these chapters back to write them ‘tomorrow’ focusing on writing more uplifting stories.

Lymphoedema United founder Matt Hazledine

"In January 2021, I turned 50 years old and had sold my business, which allowed me to focus entirely on making a positive difference in the lymphoedema sector.  I decided to set up a new company Lymphoedema United Ltd, create a website and write a book, setting myself some tough deadlines to launch both.

“The objectives for doing this was to help others with the disease, by sharing good practices and some solutions that had worked for me, in addition to raising awareness and raising money.  My book enabled me to tell my story covering many subjects, combined with providing trusted information and helpful guidance from experts in the lymphoedema community.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of writing a book that is hopefully interesting and more importantly connects with other people living with this often-debilitating lifelong condition.  If someone reading the book can take just three tips that improve their quality of life, then I will have achieved one of my main objectives.”

Outlining his process for writing the book Matt said: “The starting point was to set my objectives, what did I want to achieve by writing this book as mentioned earlier – help others, raise awareness and raise money for lymphoedema charities. I then wrote down all the key elements of living with lymphoedema in addition to personal experiences and tips that may help others, for example: Cellulitis, Surgery, Clothing and shoes.”

Matt described the most challenging and at the same time, the most rewarding element was coordinating with the 23 guests featured in the book: “I am humbled that once I had outlined the format of my book, every invitation I made to one of the fabulous experts was instantly accepted, including from four professors.”

How to Live Better with Lymphoedema - Meet the Experts is available in paperback form from Lymphoedema United for £18.99.


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