Meet Jasmine and James who are raising money for St George’s Hospital Charity!

26 March 2021
Jasmine & James (Tim Hodges) PICU FR.jpg

In December 2020 Tim’s children, Jasmine and James, told him that they wanted to give back to the NHS staff who were risking their lives through the Covid Pandemic.

Initially they decided to make a small token of their gratitude and send a letter of thanks to St George’s Hospital. However, they have now taken that one step further and have decided to raise funds to support St George’s Hospital Charity. They have already raised an incredible £1,995 and with your help we can get them over £2K and onto their target of £4.5K!

Jasmine and James are supporting St George’s as it is their local hospital and when we asked them what words of thanks they would say to the staff they said:

“Thank you for all your sacrifices and hard work, not just in these challenging times but at all times. We greatly appreciate your efforts to keep us safe. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

They are asking everyone to come together ahead of World Transformation Day on the 4th of April and show their gratitude.

Donate and support here.

Thank you Jasmine and James!

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