National Eye Health Week: Patient Story

22 September 2021

A routine eye check led to a brain tumour removal by St George's Hospital neurology team.

Sutton resident Henna Kuivalainen, was recently treated for a brain tumour by St George’s Neurosurgeon team, which was discovered during a routine optician’s appointment.

In May, 35-year-old Henna visited her local Specsavers for a routine check-up, where her optician spotted a swollen optic nerve, and referred her to Moorfields Eye Centre at St George’s where the swollen optic nerve was confirmed. However, after finding no other issue Henna was transferred to the neurology department.

Initially it was suspected that Henna may have Idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH), but an MRI scan revealed a very large tumour, which was successfully removed by the brilliant neurology team at St George’s.

On her care at St George’s Henna said: “The operation was long, I walked to theatre about 9am and my husband was called sometime after 8pm when I was awake. The operation was a success – they got the whole tumour out.

“The care I received was brilliant the whole time, all of the staff at Brodie were amazing and so were all of the staff from neurosurgery I met during my time there.”

National Eye Health week takes place from Monday 20th September to Sunday 26th September and promotes the importance of good eye health and emphasises the need for regular eye tests, which Henna certainly benefited from.

How St George’s Hospital Charity Supports the Neurology Department

The Charity has supported the neurology department at St George’s Hospital in various ways over the years, this year we funded a £202,000 Kinevo Microscope with the help of a generous donation from the John King Brain Tumour Foundation.

We also funded a STEALTH station which is used in neuro theatres during image guide neurosurgical procedures.

Neuro services do amazing things in our hospital, you can also support other areas of our work by donating today.

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