New Outdoor Exhibition Celebrates NHS Staff

26 February 2021
Derek Francis Portrait Exhibition.JPG

Photographer Del Francis reveals the faces behind the masks in a series of photographic portraits of St George’s staff.

In June last year, photographer and St George’s staff member Del Francis invited his colleagues to sit for a portrait during the pandemic, with the aim of honouring and thanking staff for their commitment as well as documenting greatest challenge the NHS has ever faced. The resulting exhibition, titled Portraits to a Life of Dedication, features 43 portraits that capture the inner strength, compassion and humanity of those working on the front line at St George’s Hospital.

Staff depicted have all played a critical role in the response to Coronavirus, giving an insight into individual personalities and diverse workforce who make St George’s Hospital. Del explains that “everyone who came along thought it was important to take part - to let the public know that behind their professional appearance was a human being with the same concerns, worries, highs and lows that we all feel.”

Developing this project during a pandemic meant that Del had to adapt how he usually works to follow social distancing guidelines to help keep participants safe. By hosting the exhibition outside patients and staff at the hospital will be able to see the exhibition safely, within government guidelines.

Portraits to a Life of Dedication will be on display in various outdoor locations around the St George’s Hospital until 30 April 2021 and also as an online exhibition here.

The exhibition has been organised by Arts St George’s part of St George’s Hospital Charity, in partnership with St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

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