Our Resident Artists say Thank You to hospital staff!

26 July 2022
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Our Resident Artists say THANK YOU to all the staff who have made them feel so welcome at St George’s & Queen Mary’s this term.

Our three Resident Artists, Rachel Rothwell, Joshua Bilton and Jelly Cleaver have now been delivering their artistic activities on site for just over 3 months. During this time the team have spent 40 days on site and worked with over:


  • 280 patients
  • 133 outpatients
  • 104 family members or visitors of patients
  • 48 staff

Altogether, 565 people in the community at St George’s Trust have had a bespoke creative interaction with the practitioners this term.

Interactions have included a wide range of activities from meditation and mindful drawing to weaving and sewing, book making, poem and song writing and even learning to play the ukulele. Our artists have shown their ability to adapt their activities to the diverse range of artistic interests and enthusiasms across the hospitals, often working with patients from early years to the elderly from one hour to the next.

Recently, the artists have trialled their activities in our Oncology Wards, especially for patients receiving treatment. The success of this pilot will lead to further interaction with individuals in the Trevor Howell and Ruth Myles wards when the artists return in September.

Speaking of her work with a patient, Rachel said:

“The patient I worked with in the Ruth Myles ward… was delighted to have something creative to do… as there are no visitors and as he pointed out 'there is only so much time you can spend on screens when you are here all day.”

During an evaluation session, the artists expressed their heartfelt thanks to medical staff, especially nurses, for their help while they settled into their new roles. Jelly noted:

“It has been so inspirational working with the nurses at St George's. They are always so helpful and they know their wards inside out, often telling me which patients might enjoy some music and even joining in on the singing and dancing sometimes. The care they manage to show their patients is really incredible.”

Whilst the artists are taking a few weeks off over the Summer, we will be sharing interviews with each of the artists giving an insight into their work with patients, staff and visitors.

A huge thank you to Rachel, Josh & Jelly for their hard work this year, we’re looking forward to welcoming them back in September!

The Resident Artist initiative is produced by Arts St George’s, part of St George’s Hospital Charity. For more information, or to request for an artist to visit your ward or department, please see here.

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