Our virtual Royal Parks runners – Bradley Jacobs

01 April 2021
Bradley_Jacobs_-_Royal_Parks_2021 (725x515).jpg

Bradley Jacobs is one of our incredible runners taking part in the virtual Royal Parks Half Marathon on 11 April 2021 in order to say thank you to Audiological Medicine.

Bradley’s son was born with severe sensorineural hearing loss and Bradley says that ‘We received and continue to receive fantastic support from the Audiological Medicine unit at St George's’ so he decided to join Team George’s! Luckily, Bradley still lives close enough to the original Royal Parks route that he is intending to do a similar scenic route and is looking forward to taking on the challenge again when the event can take place in full.

Although he has found training in the dark, cold winter a struggle and said ‘Getting outside to do the training has been the challenging part, with a young, fun family, a warm house and a British winter to navigate’ he has hugely enjoyed the support he has received from family and friends. Bradley said: ‘Not that I ever lost my faith in humanity but going out on a fundraising journey requires you to at least have some faith that someone will stand up to support you. Once you hit the ground running, you end up being overwhelmed by the response and I couldn't be more appreciative of how friends, family and colleagues have come forward to support that cause.’

Bradley, we are so happy to have you be a part of Team George’s! If you want to support Bradley, click here!

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