Our virtual Royal Parks runners – Kayleigh West

01 April 2021
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Next up we want to celebrate Kayleigh West!

Kayleigh is running the Royal Parks Half Marathon for St George’s due to the care her mum received on the Neuro Intensive Care Unit back in 2012. Kayleigh said, ‘St George’s Hospital saved my mums life. She had a brain aneurysm and was treated in ICU Brodie Ward. It’s only a little way of repaying them! They’re amazing.’

Kayleigh had heard from friends what an amazing experience the Royal Parks Half Marathon is and decided to sign up. She says, ‘I’ve loved training. I’ve always been in to fitness and testing my limits but running was never a big interest of mine. Since signing up over a year ago, it was like fate. The pandemic hit, gyms closed and the one thing that was possible was to run, and I have such a deep love for it now. It’s been my mental health saviour over the last year, with lockdown and being on furlough the best part of a year.’ Unfortunately, due to on-going restrictions, she is taking part in the virtual event in April but is really looking forward to experiencing the full, in-person event when it is safe to do so.

Despite struggling with some injuries, Kayleigh says she has, ‘enjoyed the feeling of having a purpose to train and I just love that I’ve found a new routine that I love.’ She has also learnt that rest days are vital to training, ‘Knowing when to stop & take an extra rest day is really difficult mentally. But I’ve learnt that an extra rest day, or taking 5 days off to fully reset is absolutely ok, and if anything, has helped me with training rather than pushing through and causing more harm. Definitely more of a mental battle.’

She has learnt to be patient with fundraising and says, ‘People will sponsor you as it’s for such a good cause. The more you reach out and talk to people about the ‘why’ then they’ll help you out.’

Kayleigh has already completed one half marathon for us back in October 2020 and is taking on the challenge again this Sunday! Support Kayleigh here.

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