Our virtual Royal Parks runners – Ruth Martel

01 April 2021
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We have another one of our amazing runners to feature today. Ruth Martel decided to run for George’s in the virtual Royal Parks Half Marathon after her family received great care at St George’s.

Ruth said, ‘I've always felt blessed to live close to one of the best hospitals in the country, especially for children. Like most parents we'd taken the children with what turned out to be a few minor ailments, but little did we know how life changing the actions of staff would be to our family. In September 2020 a car mounted the pavement outside school and a number of children and adults were knocked down, including our 8-year-old twins. It's hard to describe what happened or the experience but what is clear is that we were blessed to be only a 5-minute ambulance journey from St George's. The care our children - and we - received in the immediate days and weeks was incredible. Six months on we are still benefiting from their care and expertise as we continue on our recovery journey.’

Ruth is running to celebrate where her family are, for her own mental health, and embracing the joy of running. She is really enjoying having an excuse to get out on a 2 hour run with a friend on a Saturday morning. She says that she chose to take part in the Royal Parks Half Marathon as, ‘Running is my sanity... getting out even for 10-15 minutes in the days after the accident helped clear my head and give me a brief moment to think/not think, breathe and cry. Having run a few half marathons before I knew having the goal with give me something to focus on beyond the children's recovery, and the chance to give something back to this amazing hospital.’

Ruth adds that she has learnt that, ‘It is not me that people are sponsoring, it's the cause and that helps me feel more confident to ask, ask, ask! The children are loving being involved too and have dug out a pile of books and toys to sell to raise money.’

Ruth, you and your family are amazing! Give Ruth some virtual support by donating to her fundraising here. 

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