St George's Hospital Charity funds Chemotherapy Comfort Kits

12 October 2020
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On Monday 5th October we launched the very first Chemotherapy Comfort Kits in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support at St George’s NHS foundation Trust.

We are delighted to have funded various item for inclusion in the kits. The items have been especially chosen to support patients through chemotherapy treatment. They will be handed out to patients at their first visit and we hope they will help to alleviate some of the initial pressure and worry that patients may face.

So, what’s included? The following items have been funded by St George’s Hospital Charity: 

  • Hard candy- chemotherapy can alter the sense of taste so why not have a sweet treat to hand
  • Lip balm- skin can become dehydrated and cause dry lips
  • Hand and nail cream- to keep hands and nails well hydrated
  • Hand sanitiser- to keep hands clean during hospital visits
  • Plastic cutlery- chemotherapy can leave a metallic taste, so patients prefer to us plastic cutlery instead of metal
  • St George’s Hospital Charity Mindfulness Puzzle Book- to unwind and fill the time during treatment
  • Reusable water bottle- to help patients stay hydrated

As well as these practical items, the kits also include various local information on how to access support, such as the Macmillan Chemotherapy Information Booklet, support group information and other charities that can help throughout the treatment journey.

We look forward to hearing from patients about how these small kits have helped and of welcome ideas and donations for future kits.

This project was funded by our Cancer Appeal. You can donate today and help fund more Chemotherapy Comfort Kits.

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