St George’s Security Guard, Luke Mangion,is taking on the London Marathon!

21 September 2021
Luke Marathon

St George’s Security Guard, Luke Mangion, is taking on the London Marathon in support of St George’s Hospital Charity!

Luke Mangion has worked at St George’s Trust for over 8 years as part of the security team, whom reside right next door to the St George’s Hospital Charity Fundraising Office.

So after lots of encouragement from the Fundraising Team, his Mother, Doreen, Head of Nursing for Outpatients and Diagnostics, and Leanne, General Manager for Outpatients Luke has committed to running the London Marathon to raise money for St George’s Hospital Charity. All the funds raised will be put towards the incredible Outpatients Department. 

The Outpatients department at St George's hospital is a team of almost 500 staff, comprised of a wide range of fantastic people; who work tirelessly, often behind the scenes, to ensure excellent care can be provided to our patients, in a number of sites across south west London, including the Covid-19 Vaccine clinic and Phlebotomy Inpatient and Outpatient services.

When asked about the impact of the funds raised to support Outpatient services, Leanne Sadler said: “It will be a huge morale boost and will help us make some lovely changes to the working environment, which will benefit staff and patients.”

Reflecting on the past year Leanne said: “One of the amazing things that helped everyone so much through the first lockdown was the incredible support of members of the public, who rallied together to support us – with words of kindness and generous donations. The fundraising that Luke is doing now has already started to give people a little lift, as it makes them feel like they haven’t been forgotten.”

Like all charity runners in the London Marathon, Luke has a target of £2,000 and needs your help and support to reach it. You can donate to cheer him on by visiting this Virgin Money Giving page.

Luke is very much looking forward to Marathon day, he said: “I am very excited! It is a fantastic opportunity and I am very proud to be raising money for St George’s Hospital Charity. My training has been going well and I am slowly increasing my running distances. I'm running in all weather's and conditions so that I am fully prepared for the marathon day.”

At St George’s Hospital Charity, we couldn’t be more grateful to Luke and the incredible fundraisers who will join him to run the London Marathon. We cannot wait for race day and to cheer them all on!

Leanne joins us in thanking Luke by saying: “You’re amazing! We appreciate this so much – it’s such an incredible thing that you’re doing for us and we recognise the huge amount of training and time that goes into preparing for this. We are so grateful – THANK YOU!!”

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