#TeamGeorges Superstar Fundraiser Giles Barrett is taking on the London Marathon in memory of his daughter Ottilie.

01 October 2021
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Giles is not only building up his miles for the London Marathon but also his funds raised as he works towards £60K raised in total for St George’s Hospital Charity.

This Sunday is the hugely anticipated London Marathon, a key marker in the #TeamGeorges events calendar and we are so excited to have 8 amazing fundraisers taking part.

Giles Barrett, one of those runners is a long-term supporter of St George’s Hospital Charity and has raised over £50K for the Maternity Bereavement Team. Giles is taking on the London Marathon to raise even more funds in memory of his daughter Ottilie Barrett.

Giles said: “Ottilie was born at 20:03, it was a natural birth and, sad as it was, Phoebe and I experienced her journey into the world together exactly as it would have been had she been alive.”

Two days prior to Ottilie’s birth, Phoebe and I had gone to St George’s for a check-up - we were concerned by lack of movements, but not overly so. After an initial hook up to the heart monitor, we were led to another room for a scan. I know that moment will forever haunt us. The words, 'I am so sorry, it’s bad news' will remain with us always.”

Giles and Phoebe are no strangers to walking/running challenges, Phoebe has walked a coastal marathon, Giles has run 5 marathons and an ultra-marathon all in aid of St George’s Hospital Charity. Giles will be attempting a Personal Best this Sunday and we will be cheering him on every step of the way!

When asked how he is feeling about the upcoming miles Giles said: "I am so excited to be running 2021 London Marathon! Running alongside 99,999 others will make it the world's largest ever marathon!

"After last year's cancellation and a lot of lockdown miles I am feeling pumped to run the streets of London in my St George's vest! Thanks to everyone who has sponsored me.”

The money raised is going towards a project to refurbish the ‘Forget Me Not Suite’ a separate, private suite within St George’s Hospital Maternity Unit where stillborn babies are delivered, their family can visit, couples can grieve, sleep, cook, bathe etc.

Giles said: “Our hope is that Ottilie’s legacy can be, in part, to offer comfort, calm and solace to others in their darkest hours. That would certainly give us reason to be proud of her and something to, one day, tell her siblings about.”

You can donate today by visiting Giles' Virgin Money Giving page and join us in wishing Giles and all our marathon runners a huge GOOD LUCK!

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