We Announce Involvement in Danielle Teale’s National Dancing with Parkinson’s Project!

13 May 2021
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Following the success of the ‘Dancing with Parkinson’s’ project previously run in partnership with Danielle Teale Dance at Queen Mary’s Hospital, we are delighted to announce our continued partnership with Danielle Teale Dance as the programme has evolved to reach to dancers with Parkinson’s nationally, through the Collective IDentity (CID Project).

Featuring a live dance and music programme directed by Danielle Teale (dance) and Jaka Skapin (music), Collective IDentity is an exploration of togetherness and empathy, in a personal enquiry into compassion, care, identity and collectivity, both on screen and in person. This ground-breaking project brings together visual arts, dance, music and research with dancers with Parkinson’s. After a year of isolation and the challenges that we have all faced, this project is steeped in personal attention, and the values of care and collaboration.

To allow a safe and sensitive return to in-person activity, the project will begin online with a programme of virtual dance workshops, before exploring a new one-to-one offer with dancers in their own homes and gardens, culminating in a series of live group workshops.

This multidimensional project will also see a new documentary film and the ‘Connection in Isolation’ exhibition created with the dancers and inspired by their dance experience, tour to libraries, hospitals and arts centres across the UK, including those local to St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Danielle Teale noted:

“It’s been three years since we began building a vibrant and joyful programme of dance for people with Parkinson’s within the St George’s Trust. It’s been such a pleasure to work with the Arts St George’s team… The classes in person at Queen Mary’s were going from strength to strength when COVID-19 lockdown was announced, and it has been a challenge to support our dancers since then. This project will enable us to develop meaningful connections with people with Parkinson’s in their homes via online learning; …connect with new dancers…; produce high quality artistic work…; and bring people with Parkinson’s back together after a long period of isolation. We can’t wait to share our work with the hospital community.”

Anna Conway, Senior Physiotherapist at Queen Mary’s Hospital shared:

"I am so pleased that our service at Queen Mary's Hospital can continue to be involved in this fantastic project. It will be especially valuable to provide an opportunity for reconnecting our patients with PD with each other and facilitate their re-engagement with activity, movement, enjoyment, and improve their well being and confidence, after what has been an extremely challenging year for them."

Sessions for participants based in South West London will begin on Monday 7th June. For more information, or to register your interest in participating, please contact arts@stgeorges.nhs.uk.

This project is supported by Arts Council England, Arts St George’s (St George’s Hospital Charity) and UCLH. Delivery partners are: Poplar Union, Dance Network Association, LPM Dance and The Point.

Arts St George’s is part of St George’s Hospital Charity.

Photography by Sara Hibbert © Danielle Teale Dance, CID Project

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