30 Aug 2023, 18:17
St George’s Hospital Charity was delighted to provide a grant of £2,394 to fund a new cross-trainer for the Musculoskeletal (MSK) Physiotherapy Department at St George’s Hospital. Read more
23 Aug 2023, 17:08
As part of our commitment to improving patient care across St George’s University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, St George’s Hospital Charity has awarded a number of grants exceeding £200,000 for… Read more
10 Aug 2023, 18:15
Team Luke are taking on London to Brighton in September to give thanks to St George’s after Luke’s continuous care and treatment over the past 16 years of his life. Read more
27 Jul 2023, 17:03
“In the short time we were in the PICU, they became like family and we will never be able to thank them enough.” Read more
26 Jul 2023, 16:31
Wandsworth MPs to cycle from London to Brighton in September for hospital fundraiser. Read more
20 Jul 2023, 15:00
In the face of unprecedented challenges, the importance of supporting healthcare workers has never been more evident. Read more
19 Jul 2023, 23:57
Volunteers are the backbone of charitable organisations, selflessly dedicating their time and skills to support those in need. At St George's Hospital Charity, three exceptional individuals; Nicky… Read more
19 Jul 2023, 17:20
As the world awakened from the slumber of winter, nature donned its vibrant colours and renewed the spirit of life. Nowhere was this transformation more evident than at St George's Hospital, where the… Read more
14 Jul 2023, 10:57
We had such a wonderful time celebrating the NHS 75 birthday here at St George’s Hospital Charity, take a look below to see everything we got up to! Read more
11 Jul 2023, 14:09
Our Arts Team are working with award-winning design practise Wayward on a new arts commission to commemorate the dedication of NHS Staff during the Covid-19 pandemic. Read more
7 Jul 2023, 13:20
Our sympathy goes out to all those affected by the tragic incident that occurred at the Study primary school in Wimbledon yesterday. Read more
4 Jul 2023, 15:29
Last week marked an exciting new chapter for St George's Hospital Charity, as we welcomed Alex Botha as our new interim Chief Executive. Alex assumed the responsibility of leading the organisation… Read more
30 Jun 2023, 14:11
Last week our hospital community celebrated the third annual St George’s Arts Week, welcoming a plethora of music, visual arts and performance to our sites. We reflect back what was a joyous week of… Read more
26 Jun 2023, 16:08
Fundraiser, Nathan Veglio's story about why he's raising funds for the Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit (CTICU) at St George's. Read more
16 Jun 2023, 17:13
We asked Amerjit eight questions on the day of his departure and here's what he shared. Read more