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Research Funding – provided by St George’s Hospital Charity

Research Funding – provided by St George’s Hospital Charity

St George’s Hospital Charity has a Research Programme dependent on funding. This will allow the Charity to fund Trust and University staff to conduct research that will make a positive impact on patient care within the Trust, its surrounding communities and the wider NHS.


The purpose of the Research Funding Programme is to advance clinical research at St George’s in line with the research strategy agreed with the Trust and the University. As part of our charitable objectives, we are committed to supporting our hospitals and University to undertake pioneering research and invest in the research training and development of hospital staff for the benefit of patients.

A key aim of the project is to allow Trust and University staff to develop their personal research skills within an established research group whilst undertaking a project that furthers the research aims of the Trust and University. It is intended that successful applicants will be able to utilise the skills and data produced in research projects to springboard onto successful funding bids for further study. It is anticipated that applications will consist of a multidisciplinary team to include colleague/s working within the Trust. 

Hayler Legacy Research Funding: Call for Applications     

As a result of the generosity of the Hayler legacy, St George’s Hospital Charity has £820,000 to distribute for research into Neuro Intensive Care for the benefit of patients who are cared for in the Neuro Intensive Care Unit in the Atkinson Morley Wing, St George’s Hospital.

The deadline for funding applications closed in December 2020. News of the successful bid will be communicated in due course.

Future research funding windows will be announced. Notification of these will be made via the Trust and the University as well as this website.

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