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Research Funding from St George’s Hospital Charity

Research Funding from St George’s Hospital Charity

St George’s Hospital Charity supports the patients, families and staff of St George’s Hospital and Queen Mary’s Hospital. We fund major redevelopments, clinical research and state-of-the-art medical equipment, as well as helping patients and their families at times of extreme financial difficulty. Through fundraising the Charity is able to fund projects which touch the lives of the thousands of people cared for by the hospitals each year.

St George’s Hospital Charity’s has now established a Research Funding programme. This will allow the Charity to fund Trust and University staff to conduct research that will make an impact on patient care within the Trust, its surrounding communities and the wider NHS.

The initial amount of funding available is £318,000, each application should target no more than 50% of the total funds available.   


The purpose of the Research Programme is to advance clinical research at St George’s in line with the research strategy agreed with the Trust and the University. As part of our charitable objectives, we are committed to supporting our hospitals and University to undertake pioneering research and invest in the research training and development of hospital staff for the benefit of patients.

A key aim of the project is to allow Trust and University staff to develop their personal research skills whilst undertaking a project that furthers the research aims of the Trust and University. It is intended that successful applicants will be able to utilise the skills and data produced in research projects to springboard onto successful funding bids for further study. This scheme is open to all staff groups employed by either the Trust or the University.


Applications for St George’s Hospital Charity research funding are encouraged from all staff groups – including doctors, nurses, research scientists, university staff and allied health professionals. All applicants should discuss their proposed application with the relevant research lead in the Trust or University to ensure that the application supports the joint research strategy of the two organisations.

Particular joint priorities, as areas of collaboration between the University and Trust, are:

  • Cardiology
  • Infection
  • Neurosciences

Whilst these are the major joint priorities, both the Trust and University have a range of other research interests which we intend to further explore.

In addition, it is worth stressing that capacity building and winning of additional funding should be an important component of any submission.

Submissions will also need to highlight how patients at the Trust will benefit from the research and how the impact will be measured.

Assessment process

You can download a copy of the application form here.

In line with the internal procedures of the Trust and University, all research funding applications should be authorised prior to submission, through Joint Research and Enterprise Services.

Applications are likely to be prioritised by Trust and University on the basis of strategic fit and then considered by the Charity’s Medical Advisory Group (MAG). MAG will seek external expert advice about applications prior to making recommendation to the Charity’s Trustees.

Please submit your completed application form to Charity.Grants@stgeorges.nhs.uk  – closing date for applications is 31 January 2019.


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