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Nurses' Voices Book

Nurses' Voices Book

This book celebrates the contribution that nurses made to the development of St George's Hospital London and is based on extracts and memorabilia that was collected as part of an oral history project 'Nurses' Voices'.

The project sought to explore the memories, experiences and perspective of Nurses and nursing care by recording interviews with retired and current practitioners and it gives an insight into the development of nursing during the 20th century at St George's Hospital.

Accompanying the book is an audio CD which contains extracts from interviews not included in the book. Being able to listen to some of these extracts brings a flavour of the whole Nurses' Voices Oral History Project. As well as some fascinating memories you will hear some of the laughter and tears that were shared between the interviewees and interviewers and this is the essence of oral history which cannot be replicated by text.

Author: Carol McCubbin

Image Researcher: Ines Warsop


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