Use our online PORTAL to claim out-of-pocket SPF expenses


Who can claim an expense?

Most items bought using charity funds should be purchased via SBS Oracle, the Trust's procurement system. However, we know that for some items, such as travel, conferences, and some training courses, this isn't possible. Where this is the case, provided you have already had your funding request approved by a Fund Adviser, you can pay for your items or services out of your own pocket, and use the link below to claim the funds back as expenses from the charity. 

How to claim AN EXPENSE

Before you claim an expense, you will need an account for our online expenses portal. If you don't have one yet, email us at, and we can set one up for you.

Once your account has been set up and activated, click the link below to access the portal. The first time you log in, it will ask you to enter your bank details. It will then store these for the future.

To submit a claim, click New Expense on the right hand side, and enter the details of your expenditure.  Make sure you have your receipts to hand, as you will need to upload a picture of them to your expense claim. It will ask you for the fund you're claiming the money from (enter the five digit fund code), and for your grant reference/activity (click the magnifying glass and select the top code *SPFSpend). 

Make sure you Save your claim, and then click Submit. Once submitted, it will be sent to the relevant Fund Adviser for approval. After it has been approved, it will be paid in our next payment run, which take place every two weeks.

There is a step-by-step 'How To' guide for setting up your account, submitting and approving claims below. If you have any questions, please email and we'll be pleased to help.

Claim Expense  

Alternatively, you can download the mobile app to submit your claim. Use the below links to download the mobile apps or search for “Access Workspace” in mobile app stores.

Android (Google Play)
Apple (iTunes)
Windows Phone (Store) 

HOW TO guideS


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