Find out what to expect after you have applied for or have received a grant for your project

Once you have applied for a grant, the Grants Team will review your application.
This involves checking sufficient funds are available, ensuring the grant request meets the eligibility criteria and that all necessary endorsements have been secured.

We review Grant applications under £20,000 on a rolling basis throughout the year, so aim to get back to you with a decision within a few days. Sometimes we will need to ask you to secure further endorsements that haven't been received yet, or for clarification, before we can make a final decision. 

Depending on your grant request amount, you application will have to be approved by the CEO, Grants Committee or the Charity Board. You can find out about upcoming meeting dates here.

We will notify you of the decision of your grant request

We will contact you by email to let you know that your application has been successful. We’ll do this as soon as we can after a decision has been made.

If your application is unsuccessful you will receive feedback on why your grant request was unsuccessful.

You will receive a Grant Offer Letter and a Grant Agreement

These documents together will form your formal grant award with the  Charity. They will contain your key grant information including a Grant Reference Number, and a reporting and payment schedule.

Once you have signed and returned your grant documentation to us, your grant will be live and you are ready to start your project.

Once your grant is live

Please tell us about the progress of your grant. In particular, when it has started. Importantly please email us at and provide us with the Agresso requisition number so we can approve it. Only then can the Trust raise a purchase order for your items.

If your grant involves any equipment, please tell us once it has been installed and is in working order.

Impact and Evaluation Reporting

A fundamental part of the grant agreement is reporting back to us about how the project is going and letting us know the impact your project and our funding are having.

For small grants under £5,000 please complete a short evaluation form. We'd love to know how the grant has made a difference, and please feel free to include quotes  & pictures that we can use to shout about your work! You can download the Small Grant Impact & Evaluation form here:

For larger grants over £5,000, we will require project updates from you in the form of feedback reporting every six months. Please check your Grant Agreement for the specific terms. We will also require a final report once the grant has finished. Do remember to include any quotes or images – we love seeing what a difference the funding has made and can use this to feed back to donors and thank them for their generosity! You can down the Large Grant Impact & Evaluation form here:

This one-page document summarises the post-award process for Grants over £5,000:

Tell THE world about your success!

Our funding is received through a number of sources and it is important for us to thank the public and private donors for their generosity and efforts in supporting St George’s Hospital Charity.

Please use our social media handles to show us and the world how the funding is making a difference to your area of the hospital.

Facebook - St George's Hospital Charity
Instagram - @stgeorgeshospitalcharity
Twitter  - @GivingtoGeorges

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