Our mission is to enhance the experience of patients, families, staff and the wider community served by the Trust

Through the generosity of our supporters, we are able to fund ideas and projects to enable outstanding patient care in a variety of ways across the Trust. Some examples of things we have funded in the past, and that have all made a positive impact on our patients and staff:

Capital projects

Such as ward refurbishments, garden and outdoor spaces or functional walking course for amputee rehabilitation at Queen Mary's Hospital.

Patient Welfare and Family Experience

Such as Ipads for patients to keep in touch with family members during Covid, a Young Onset Dementia Support Group or guest beds for relatives of patients on wards.

Medical Equipment

Such as the Kinevo Microscope (a state of the art, intraoperative neurosurgical microscope), a Paxman Scalp Cooling System to prevent hair loss for chemotherapy patients, or life-saving Impella Heart Pump Devices.

Medical Research

Such as Advanced Ventricular Arrhythmia training and research AVATAR programme, Development and Evaluation of  HPV testing approaches for cervical cancer screening, or Multimodal MRI to aid diagnosis and prognosis for brain tumours. 

Staff Welfare and Development 

Such as Wellbeing Hubs, Jenner (the new Trust Intranet), or a Mobile Panic Alarm System for the Emergency Department



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If you work for the Trust, you can apply for a grant for an idea you've had about how to make a difference.

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