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St George's Hospital is often seen as the beating heart of our wonderful and diverse community here in South West London. Our hospitals serve a huge population of around 3.5million. It's there for all of us from birth and throughout our lives. Every year, 5,000 babies are born, A&E sees over 150,000 people and 4,000 new cancer patients are seen.

Through all the challenges during Covid-19 our wonderful staff across St. George’s Hospital have been there, day and night, supporting our patients and their families. Now it's our time to support all the NHS staff providing that outstanding care - and say thank you.

Please show your support today by sending a message of thanks that we will be sharing with our NHS Heroes and supporters like you.

Right now, our staff are under an unprecedented amount of pressure and are working around the clock to deal with the impact of Covid-19 on top of all the other thousands of patients under their care. They are literally pulling out all the stops to ensure they are providing the very best of care now - and that they will be able to cope with the predicted rise in patient numbers. We want to be there for them - and for our most vulnerable patients.

Show them you care by sending a message of thanks today.

Our NHS Heroes are working around the clock. Show you care and write a message of thanks today. Don’t forget to mention any specific department of staff members in your message below if you want to.

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