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Improving critical renal services for our patients

The renal service at St George’s Hospital is one of only seven in London and offers inpatient, outpatient and home therapy services for all patients – from those with pre kidney failure all the way to kidney transplants.

In the UK, 64,000 people are being treated for kidney failure and without dialysis or a transplant, it is fatal. Once a person is diagnosed with renal failure, they are a patient for life. As a result, they need to have regular haemodialysis – where a dialysis machine and a special filter is used to clean the patient’s blood three times a week, every week, because their kidneys can no longer do it. This process takes around four hours.

Each year around 1,300 people are treated in St George’s renal wards and the team carries out around 160 kidney transplants. However, since 2016 renal services have been operating from four mobile units located in a car park on the St George’s site, this has meant a reduced capacity of 36 patients per day to just 18.

We want to provide renal patients at St George's with a dedicated space that will help us to provide a better standard of care and improve patient experience. Your donation will, together with the help of others, help us achieve that.


  • Create a dedicated space - a new unit would enable staff to centralise services including transplantation, dialysis, outpatient peritoneal dialysis, and general nephrology clinics. As well as providing adequate storage facilities for equipment.
  • Patient experience - staff will be able to provide a better service in an improved,  friendlier environment, with entertainment available for inpatients.  
  • Increased capacity- will mean that the new renal unit can better serve a population of 2.6 million from across south west London and Surrey.

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Working in partnership with the St George’s Kidney Patients Association (registered charity 1021655) and St George's University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
St George's Hospital Dialysis Unit
Patient receiving dialysis treatment
Patient and nurse
St George's Hospital Dialysis Unit